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Mixing front and rear tire widths
i have 2 road bikes, one has 700c x 28 tires, the other 700c x 23. i tried to experiment once to put the 23 (thinner) in front and the 28 (thicker) in the rear. it had a good ride actually, in terms of balance, ride, grip, etc.
is this a no-no or can i get away with it? what are the consequences/advantages? Thanks.

I don't see any reason why you can't mix.
Time trial bikes used have different diameter wheels as well.
MTB bikes sometimes have different sizes.
Advantage maybe more comfort with the bigger tire on the back, due to more weight on the rear.

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yes comfort was huge with the thicker tire at the rear. i imagine there wont be a problem since the overall diameter of the 2 tires are the same.


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