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Overhauling a suspension fork…
Hi there,
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mx, age 33, from the Netherlands.
I am currently unemployed, which is sad, but it gives me a lot of time to get reacquainted with my bike and riding.

Thanks to this excellent site my bike is getting into shape again and so am I Smile
One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it without the help of Alex Ramon’s tutorials! Nevertheless I got stuck and hope that you can help me…

A friend of mine, who also lost his job, has an old Gary Fisher Marlin Genesis which is in bad shape.
And when I say bad, I mean that real bike enthusiast should not look beyond this point… It hurts! It really does… Confused

But I want him to go out en hit the trails with me!
It’s summer and sitting at home is just depressing! And he would like to.. but the bike…

Now I’m pretty handy, as I may say so, so I offered him to fix’m up.
Being unemployed and not expecting to find work soon it has to be done cheap, really cheap.
Most problems I can fix, with the tutorials Wink, but I am stuck with the fork.
It’s an SR Suntour Mg-71 Magnesium Which is rusted and needs to be adjusted. But I can’t find any manuals or tutorials about this fork. So perhaps anyone can tell me what type of fork it is and how to fix it, if possible. Having a bike shop do it is not an option, financial, and I rather not buy a cheap ridged fork… Here are some photo’s…
YOU were WARNED Big Grin

Some kind of pressure cap, I guess oil...
I hope you can help or point me in the right direction!

Thanks in advance!

Ask a question and you might be a fool for five minutes,
Don't ask the question and you a fool for life...
wow, that is not something I would be able to do. I would start with researching the fork itself. Look for an owners manual. That might give you some insight into how to dismantle it, then you can work on cleaning everything. Hopefully you'll be successful and you can post about it so we can learn too.
Try here:

However, I think the fork legs may have had it, with motorcycles you could have them re-chromed, but I doubt that would be economical in this case. You could simply lock them out and ride them rigid, or perhaps replace them with a set of rigid, suspension corrected forks:

It looks like other parts, brake bolts and spoke nipples, are quite badly corroded too. You won't be able to sort that completely, but a good soak with some WD40 and a going over with a wire brush might get off the worst of it, but you'll have to keep them oiled when you've finished otherwise they will quickly go rusty again.

You could replace some of the standard size bolts with some new stainless ones, have a look on Ebay if you can't find them locally:

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