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OK to mix drivetrain components
Hi Friends,

I'm a nube and have starting replacing components on one of my mountain bikes. I just put a CODA crankset on it, and plan to put an SRAM chain and Nashbar freewheel on it. Is it OK to mix different brands of components like that?
It's normally fine, just make sure that they're all using the same system (it's usually either Hyperglide, HG, or another one who's name escapes me).

There is however one exception:
When it comes to the rear derailleur and the corresponding shifter, NEVER mix SRAM and Shimano. They both pull different ratios of cable to achieve the shifting and you WILL damage something if you mix them. My mate had a SRAM shifter pulling a Shimano rear mech. The first time he changed into 1st the derailleur snapped in half!

Mixing front derailleurs is fine, just not the rear.

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