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To make a suuuuuper long story quite short, I broke my elbow last year by falling off my bike and haven't ridden it since. It's a decent bike for what I use it for, not cheap but not expensive by any means...

I bought it at Fred Meyers since my last bike was stolen, I think it was around $160 USD. I'm a big guy and it gets me around easily enough, and other than it's current problem which I could have prevented and a new set of brake pads, nothing has broken on it or worn out in 3 years. I like it, it's a good bike Smile
Welcome to the forums Smile. Hey nice bike and I see it is pretty good shape.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
[size=medium]Nice bike!! Fred Meyers..$160... (taking notes)
I say "Ride what ever gets you around safely".. Good deal!..
[size=x-large]MORE BIKES!![/size] [size=medium]LESS CARS!![/size]

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