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Seat post stuck in seat tube
A 20" wheel size 6 speed little girls MTB from craigslist came with a seat tube shimmed with duct tape. I removed it and bought another post. The tube was out of round at top of the tube a at the pinch point but looked ok further down. My calipers read from 25.2mm to 25.8mm. I bought a 25.6 post and put it in. It was tight and after I got it in (with a rubber mallet, don't say it, I learned the hard way) I realized it was too small and should have used a smaller post, maybe 25.4mm. Anyway I'm looking for thoughts and ideas how to remove a to tight post. I've tried but I can't get it out.

Try turning it upside down clamping the seatpost in a vise and turning the frame side to side. Or better yet try these methods....
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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