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Triple chainrings to single + bashguard/Drivetrain overhaul
I currently have a set of Truvativ triple chainrings with Truvativ cranks. They REALLY need replacing and are quite bent. I would like to replace them with a single chainring (equivalent to the middle, something like 36t?) and a bashguard (and possibly a chain guide). If I do buy a new chainring and bashguard will I run into any problems without the smallest ring? I will stick to Truvativ for any new parts.

This also would include removing my front derailleur.

I will be ordering from

Here is what I was thinking of. Any problems with compatibility?
Chain guide 1:
Chain guide 2 (expensive?):

Current setup is as follows:

Sram X.7 shifters/derailleurs
Truvativ crank/chainrings
9 Speed cassette

It is having major problems with shifting the chain coming off when pedalling backwards (trying to learn how to fakie at the skate park).

Thanks for all the help!
I see no problem with what you proposed.

Make sure that you have long enough bolts for the bash guard, and you may need spacers to locate the chainring in the proper side to side location.

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