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Free Hub Body Replacement
I was getting a lot of creaking/slipping coming from my rear cassette. I took it off and noticed one of the three metal pins on the freehub body is broken. Im guessing the noise is coming from that broken pin not locking into the hub threads properly. Im using Shimano 105 9-speed set up. What do I need to order...Seems like a lot of options out there. Any help would be great.
Do you mean the three pins that hold the cassette cogs together? The freehub is the ratcheting barrel that is mounted to the hub and is usually held on with a single hollow bolt.

If you do mean the cassette pins, they are not really necessary as long as the lockring is down tight. But if your chain is slipping over the teeth of the cassette, you probably need a new cassette and chain regardless.
Hey. Its the actual ratcheting barrel. I took it off and noticed that one of the three metal pins lost its spring retention. To be clear, im talking about the piece that clicks when you are coasting, then grabs when you start to peddle. hope that helps. Thanks!
Is it a freehub or a freewheel?

What make is your hub and freehub?
Usually you don't see any springs/ratchet on Shimano freehubs.
Having said that new freehubs can be bought and are easy to fit.
They are normally held on with a 10mm hollow Allen bolt.
See video:-
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Ahhh, I think you talking about the pawls inside the freehub body itself. If so, I don't know that you can get parts for them. They're usually just replaced because a new one is like $25-$30. But you could check around to see if any shops have trashed wheels you could use for parts.

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