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Please Help, Chain catching on gear/sprocket
Hello BicycleTutor forum readers!

I am having a problem with my bike where the chain seems to be catching on little notches on the gears and it makes for a difficult and noisy ride.

I have uploaded two short videos to illustrate the problem:
Video 1:
Video 2:

Please reply if you have some suggestions. If I cannot fix it, I will take it to a mechanic tomorrow, but I'd much rather fix it for myself.

This video is annotated in case what I'm seeing isn't as clear as I think it is:
maybe your chainrings are bent?
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!
Check your front derailleur adjustment - there should be an adjuster either on the derailleur itself or on the shifter that changes cable tension. On most FD's if the chain is catching on the higher chain ring you will need to release some tension in the cable
Also check the alignment if it has slipped and no longer parallel with the chain ring this may also cause this
In the videos, are you running the chain from small chainring to small cog? If so, this is a combination you want to avoid anyway.
Did this always happen, or has something changed?

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