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Need a thorn resistant tube
Hey guys, I bought a Trek Fuel EX5 a couple weeks ago and i got a flat this weekend (goathead).

I dont want to mess around with the slime tubes cause it's just messy and you still end up with a flat tire half the time so I'm looking for a thorn resistant tube, but I'm not having much luck finding one in my size.

I'm looking for a Presta 26" x 2.0 - 2.25 I've found a couple on amazon but the reviews on both have people complaining about the stems coming off...

Can ya give me a link to a site that has good quality thorn resistant tubes in my size... Thanks.
how about thorn resistant tires? Kevlar will stop most things from coming through.

I have tried the tube protectors that go between the tube and tire - I am not sure that I like them or not. But that is another alternative.
My two cents is that belted tires or "tire liners" work as well as thorn proof tubes without the extra weight. The only caveat is that separate tire liners seem to work well for larger, lower pressure tires like 26". But I don't like them for thin high pressure tires where they can actually cause problems.

Liners and belts don't give much sidewall protection though. In really bad thorn areas, I know people who combine belts and thicker tubes.

I don't have any info on source for tubes, but I would think they'd be pretty widely available. I usually find that people who complain of stems breaking off are breaking them when they don't pump up the tire right. But I'm sure there are discount brands out there that aren't top quality as with most things.

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