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Clicking noise when I pedal
OK, first of all, I must say I'm impressed with the wealth of knowledge on this site. I plan on coming here a lot.

I must also say I'm not too familiar with all the "technical speak" you guys talk about. I know I'll have to learn it, that's for sure.

I'm an everyday casual rider that likes to go 30-60 minutes, usually by myself. I have a bike that's several years old, but I love to ride it.

Here's my issue (forgive me for being so 1st grader-ish with my lingo). Today, all of the sudden, when I started going for my ride I heard a "clicking" type noise. Right away, I figured the pedals were hitting something, but that wasn't the case.

I then notice that this "clicking" noise sounded like several steel ball bearings that were being clicked together. Sort of like if you have 4 or 5 bearings in a cylinder and kept rotating the cylinder. The bearing would make a clicking noise as each one hit the other as the fell to the bottom of the cylinder. Like a domino effect type thing.

I notice this sound as my right pedal was down and left was up. It did not happen when I was not pedaling and it did not happen when I pedaled backwards.

I did happen in all gears. I'm ruling out anything with the wheels or chains because of it only happening when I pedal.

I don't know anything about the pedal area (I think that's called the crank case?). All I know is two days ago the noise wasn't there and today it is.

Can anyone help me with this? If you need more of an explanation, let me know..
Oh, just to add, the noise is more of a lower pitch sound rather than the typical higher pitched ball bearing knocking together sound. Same concept, different sound.
Hi there first can you upload a picture of the area you are referring to (bottom bracket)?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
It could be several things so, we will start with the most usual culprits. First check that the crank arms (pedals attach to these) are tight to the spindle. This is assuming that you have a '3 piece crank' and that they are bolted to the spindle. If you have a one piece crank, another story.
Next check the pedals for tightness to the arm, then see how pedals feel when rotated by hand. Also grab each pedal and see if you can force any lateral play into it.

As Bill said, a pic would help a lot!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
I had the same problem (or, more accurately, same symptons) a couple of weeks ago, in a bike i've been riding for the past couple of months (a Specialized Hardrock AX circa 1997-1999). I took a look at the spindle by taking out the crank arm (i did this first because i wanted to know flat out if i needed to replace something, being a bike with some years and miles on it), which showed no problem / malfunction whatsoever. So then i just took out the pedal, applied some lube on it and reinstalled.

I've ridden over 50 miles since then without any more troubles. Clicking sound seems good as gone... for the time being at least.

I hope this helps. Good luck
This sounds like a bottom bracket issue or your rubbing on your front derailleur. Like posted above, check for side to side movement with the crank arms. If ya got lateral play, it may be a simple tightening and/or greasing. If no play, disassemble everything and lube all threads as you put back together. If yes there is play, a new bottom bracket is advised. Still got the noise make sure your not rubbing on the derailleur, which should be the first thing to check. If derailleur is ok, check that your crank arms are tight. Disassembling the crank arms, checking all washers are in good shape, if any and then grease everything as you put it back together. Finally check pedals for any noises. Grease pedal threads if needed. Good Luck.

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