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Cant remove crank arms

I have 5 bikes in my garage 4 of which has a nut keeping the crank arms on, that I can’t remove as the socket won’t fit in the arm to reach the nut.

I have watched all the vid’s on YouTube on removing the crank arms but know one I have seen has had a problem with removing the nut using a standard socket.

So can anyone help with how to remove this?

I've always been able to get at the nut with a standard socket. But if you can't, a good hardware store will have what is called a "thin walled socket" that should fit in better. Try to get a 6 point socket instead of a 12 point if possible. Note also that some crank pullers have a bolt remover built in to them also.
you need a tool like this, the end you can't see has a 14mm socket and the body dia. is small enough to go in the crank.
Great care is needed in use as it is very easy to strip the threads in the crank arm, especially if they are alloy.
Thanks for the replies
Were you able to get the crank off? Are you upgrading the crank?
Haven’t got another socket yet, I’m going to get one ground down to fit.

I’m not sure what I want to do with the bike yet upgrade it, or get a new one.

I’ll need to get a socket to fit soon, as the chain set on the bike I mainly use looks to be spinning a bit of centre and was creaking so dripped some "3 in 1 oil" into it to fix the sound temporally.
Finally I got a socket that fits for a £1 at a market and got a set of box spanners for £2.

Thanks for all the replies
You will still need a crank puller. The crank arm is fitted on a tapered square "wedge" and will be very tight, so undoing the nut alone will not let you remove the crank arm.

See here:
I all ready got the puller, it’s just the nut confused me as all the videos on YouTube they just seemed to use normal sockets.

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