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Stuck cup

I have an ISIS BB that isn't coming out. Basically I got the non-driveside off with a LOT of effort but it's gone now. When I try the driveside the cup simply won't move (yes, I am trying to undo it the correct way). I have reached the stage where I simply don't have the strength to push any harder and it hasn't even shifted; and the 8mm allen key I use to turn the tool is bending a worrying amount.

Anyone got any tips for dislodging this stubborn BB? It needs to go in the skip as it's got WAY too much play (though to be fair it's lasted two years), and I'm running out of options. If needs be I'll try and bribe a mate to undo it, but I'm sure there has to be another way of shifting this other than borrowing a bodybuilder.
Does it use this sort of tool:

[Image: 104371419.jpg]

If so, try clamping the tool in a vice and turning the frame. If you have a tool with a handle fitted, try fitting a piece of metal pipe over the handle to make the lever longer. Spray it with liquid spanner/wrench and let soak first as well. If you still have no joy, you could ask the LBS to have a go.

Make sure you put plenty of grease on the threads of the new one when you fit it to stop it seizing again. Smile
Exact same thing happened to me a few months ago. I soaked it in GT85 over night then tried again. I had tow do this for two days. I finally got it I used the longest wrench I had.(for leverage) I was actually wrestling with the damn frame, if I had video and posted it, it would have been hilarious. But because of the way those bb tools are you have to sort of press them in and turn at the same time. But it just took BRUTE FORCE to finally remove it.
Hi guys

Got it all sorted in the end. I tried various lengths of pipe and failed. What was worrying was how far the 8mm Allen key attached to the tool bent, but still no joy.

I eventually gave up and handed it to the LBS, who had a much better tool (mine was actually getting shredded by the cup!) and popped it off with a HUGE length of pipe and a lot of brute force. I've now put a fairly tired spare BB and crankset on until I can afford a decent set.

What was really staggering was when the BB came out the entire shell was filled with mud and gunk!
Awesome, glad to hear a happy ending. It's always a great feeling finally overcoming a problem like that.

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