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Freehub slipping replacement advice

First time post here, hope someone can help.

I have an old Trek 800 Antelope 21 speed.

I have cleaned it all up, lubed and greased it up, replaced a few items and have been riding it for a couple months. (after about 30 years of not riding at all).

Lately the freehub (I think that is the correct term). has been slipping. I'll be taking off from a stop and really putting some muscle on the peddle and it slips. Needless to say that is a bit of a problem!!!.

It comes and goes, but is now getting to the point I'm a little gun-shy of riding very much. So the question is.

How do I tell what to buy to replace it? The whole system is Shimano, I don't know if that is original to the bike, but that is what was on it when it became mine. The Cassette is a 7 sprocket afair, I see Shimano freehubs on the web, but there are so many I have no idea what to get. If I take the freehub off will there be markings on it to tell me what it is and therefore what I need to purchase to replace it?

Any help is appreciated,

You most likely have a cassette system. Check the link below for more info. Also check this lists repair guide for how to. You will need the removal tool. Replacements are available on line and ebay.
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Been there, to the Sheldon page and yes it is a Cassette system.

I have the removal tool's, I guess I just need to take it apart and see what freehub it is and get the replacement.

I have not tried to remove the freehub yet, I'll give it a try tonight. If I have problems, I'll take the wheel to the LBS and get an "expert" opinion on it.
Are you sure it's the freehub and not the chain slipping on worn teeth?
Have you fitted a new chain recently?
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No new chain and yes it is worn a bit.

I have had this happen to me when running the peddles by hand also.

Just feels like the pawls (or whatever they are called) are gummed up inside the hub and not getting pushed out to "catch" correctly.
Ye you can take the cassette off and try spraying cleaner in it like Carburator cleaner Gumout and then lube with tri flow teflon to see if you can free it.(follow manufacturers safety info) Otherwise you can get a Shimano or Sram replacement cassette for about $20. Count the teeth or look for marks on your hi low gears and get a similar one. Not many variations in the Shimano line that I know off especially in the old 7 sprocket system. Narrow chain HG or UG marked. Thats just marketing, hyper glide and ultra glide.
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Hello there, a newbie here. My name is Mike, I have been riding for about 5 years, and now want to do my own maintenance. I have a Dawes Giro 300 road bike, with shimano sora gearing. I am having the same problem with slipping. I put the weight on the pedals to move off, or accelerate away from round abouts, junctions etc, and I slip. I have replaced the cassette, the chain and also replaced the wheel and hub. Everything about the drive train is completely new, zero miles, except the rear derailler. Please help and tell me what is going on with this!!!!!!!! All help would be greatly appreciated.
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