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How to Adjust Your Front Derailleur How to Adjust Your Front Derailleur
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Derailleur problems
Hi there, I'm trying to fix my friends mountain bike for him. Neither the front nor the rear is shifting either direction. The bike is a Next Model No. 8575-18E 18 Speed Falcon Index Shifting. I cant seem to figure out how to adjust it very easily. Can someone please school me on this. And this is just the first bike I'll be asking you about. Thanks for any help you can give
Hi can you provide some pictures?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
In fixing the derailler the devil is in the details. You need to isolate which one of the three components is sticking or the combination off all.

Disconnect the cable and see if the handlebar shifter moves, check if the cable moves, than see if you can move the derailers by hand. Clean and lubricate all.

See this sites repair guide for tuning info. Start be setting the stop screws. Do not need no stinking pictures. :-)))
Never Give Up!!!

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