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Chain noise on smallest rear cog
I have a Dahon Jack 08'. This is a 7 speed.
I have recently begun overhauling it. I purchased an Alivio kit to turn it into a 24 speed. I had to replace the back wheel to one with a Deore hub in order to accept the extra cog on the back. I am in the process of adjusting the rear derailleur. The chain is jumping a little on initial turn of the crank and is making a lot of noise on the smallest cog. The chain runs perfectly smooth on the next cog up in size. I have adjusted the H screw to keep the jockey wheels in line with the rear cog and currently the cable is unconnected. I have adjusted the L screw to give proper distance between the jockey wheel and the rear cassette. I have adjusted the chain length per the video. I am at a loss. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I guess I have to ask the question if the bike has indexed shifters. If it is still the original 7 speed, I would think that it would have trouble working on 8 cogs in the back now.

No, the shifters are replaced as part of the Alivio kit. The kit includes:
front and rear derailleurs, (front deraileur upgraded to SLX due to bicycle design)
rear cassette, 12-28,
triple chain ring, 42 - 32 - 22,
crank arms,
front and rear shifters,
front and rear brakes,
Additionally I have replaced back and front wheels with Mavic wheels on Deore hubs.

I think I have figured out my problem. Somehow, I have the wrong ring lock on the rear cassette and this is keeping the chain from fully engaging that smallest cog. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.


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