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Shimano freehub body question
Hello, this is my first post here and unfortunately it's because of a problem I have with a bike that I bought secondhand. It is a Nakamura Spirit Moxie.

I believe I'm experiencing a problem with the freehub body. Intermittently the pedals and the chain would spin freely forward and not engage the wheel. It mostly happens when going downhill or on flat ground. It can actually be quite dangerous if it happens in the middle of an intersection.

The freehub is a Shimano fh-rm30 8-speed. The bike actually has 9 gear cogs on the rear wheel. I'm a total newbie with bike components, so I'm not sure what type of a freehub body I should get. Are there several interchangeable models? Could the problem be something else?

Thanks much!
Sounds like the paws are engaging intermittently. For a cheap fix(may or may not work), lay bike on side and trickle a lube inside freehub body. Keep doing till you see it come out the other end. Do it on the other side as well. The more the better. Your trying to lube and free up any sticky mechanisms(paws) inside the hub. I like T-9, or tri-flow. Good Luck.
Thanks, I'll give that a try.
Most likely lubrication or lack of it is the culprit because the issue is much more pronounced when the bike has been sitting out in the cold.

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