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Campy 9 speed/10 speed compatability
I'm starting to have trouble with my 9 speed campy record derailleurs. On one the back plate has no thread left so one of the pulley screws does not grab. The other derailleur blew up and took out 7 spokes in my rear wheel. I have 3 road bikes set up all with 9 speed so all rear wheels are interchangeable. Makes life easy except when I'm down to my last derailleur. With no campy 9 speed derailleurs made anymore switching to 10 or 11 speed groupos on all three bikes is too costly.

Question: Can a campy 10 sp. derailleur be used on a campy 9 speed setup?

Would appreciate some help
From the info given, I believe yes. Just adjust your "L" limit screw so the derailleur doesn't throw the chain in the spokes. Is your shifter 9 or 10 speed? Either should work.

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