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Freewheel help.
Hi, strictly amature and would really appreciate the help of a few experts.
I have just aquired a bike, it is brand new and was about to be thrown down a compactor!!! Would you believe that?? They said it was too expensive to send back to the supplier. Of course i said "What's wrong with it? then "I'll give you £10" I think i got me a bargain.
Anyhow, to the problem. The freewheel spins freely in both directions. It is not catching altho now and again it will then it will slip and freewheel again. It is a freewheel and hub combined freewheel not the separate cassette type.
Now my question, would it be worth my while buying the tool to remove it in the vain hope that i could repair it or should i just buy a new freewheel?
Any and all answers and advice on this generously given will be gratefully accepted.
Thanks, Soda.

First squirt some release oil into it and see if that frees the pawls. If it does then use some thin oil to lube it.
Personally i would change the freewheel if it's had it.
You will still need a tool to remove and fit a new one unless you get the bike shop to do it.

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Depending on the over-all condition of the bike it would probably be worth it. There's no point in trying to repair the freewheel though, as new ones are relatively inexpensive. Check the bike over well first though. Check the frame for any damage or cracks. Check the wheels to see if they're true. Make sure the crank and headset turn freely. And check to make sure the brakes are solid. If you can get the bike on a stand or have a friend hold it, it would also be wise to check the operation of the derailleurs. If all those are fine, find out what tool you need and just replace the freewheel. You could try lubing it too and see if that helps. It sounds as though the pawls are sticking. Good luck.

Thanks for the replies guys.
The bikes condition is as new. I mean mint....never before riden by man nor beast. I couldnt believe it was about to be binned. It's not an expensive model by any means, it's retail was only 90 bucks from ASDA. None-the-less a crime to throw it in a compactor, eh?
Ok, i see what you mean about the pawls sticking, that would make sense. I have some thin oil in the shed, i'll try that first.
Thanks again and congrats on such a cool site.


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