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Winter Clothing - Gloves
What kind of coat/jacket would you recommend (Manufacturer,Model)?
How warm does it keep you?
Do you feel constricted when wearing it?
Does it effect your riding experience/comfortableness?
Any other comments?

(Note: There is a different thread about these I made last year but figured I would open a new one dedicated just to it.)
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Gloves depend on the application.

If it's an MTB I swear by Moto-cross gloves (I have No Fear ones and they're fantastic!). They're a bit thicker, and are usually armored (handy on Black Ice). Grip is very good I find, they usually have thin leather palms so they're quite hard wearing as well.

Designs and colours are usually quite noticeable and distinctive, depends how much of a fashion nut you are though.

If you experience a lot of wet riding though, I'd consider wearing some Sealskins Glove liners beneath them, because they do tend to hold water fairly well (though there are worse out there)
i was wearing cheap gloves i got out TK max, but they weren't very warm and the wind goes straight through them. one day on my way to tec it was -7C, couldn't feel my thumbs when i got there, the bike computer stated to go slow when changing mods on it and my water bottle started to freeze.

started to wear "Northern Ireland gloves" they're far better, not totally wind proof, but i wear an under glove with them there a good job. it haven't been as cold so say what there limit is yet.
I would love to get one of the Gore jackets, but right now I'm just doing with what I have. I layer a lot. This morning's commute at 9 degrees F included my merino wool long sleeve jersey, a Pearl Izumi long sleeve jersey that is over-sized, so I use it as more of a jacket. Then over that I had a cheap windbreaker shell.

I'm still trying to work out how to handle my hand protection. I have two pairs of winter cycling gloves that I will use separately, but layer with liners for the real cold days. But I'm still experiencing some numbness after 10 miles or so. I'm thinking I'll just pick up a some mittens for that kind of weather and be done with it.

I had thought about the lobster-type gloves, but I'm wondering how other feel about these. How do they compare to mittens as far as warmth?
I wear a pair of gore- wind proof flannel gloves. I use a mitten shell over the top of them if needed.
ok "Northern Ireland gloves" dont like -11C, so just using 40 gram Thinsulaters, cheap ski gloves no good at -11 either.

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