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Winter Clothing - Shoes or Boots
What kind of shoes/boots would you recommend (Manufacturer,Model)?
How warm does it keep you?
Do you feel constricted when wearing it?
Does it effect your riding experience/comfortableness?
Any other comments?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Are you using flats or SPDs?

I wear old Karrimor trainers all the time, never been a problem heat-wise unless you do what I did today and crash into a semi-frozen puddle (read: lake!). They are also the only trainers that EVER fit me properly, and make great trails shoes when worn down through every-day walking.

Many of my mates swear by Sealskins socks and glove liners, they are supposed to keep the heat in and the water out.

As for SPD shoes, can't comment. Hate SPDs, they keep trashing my knee!

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