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I hear strange sounds!
Hey everyone,
Lately i've been noticing some weird sounds from my rear wheel. It's as if the gears/brake surface/something else is slightly brushing the frame/brake pads. I can't exactly pinpoint what exactly causes the sound, an it happens only when i'm going fast enough and making left turns. It does happen when I do right turns or go straight up, but that's rare.

Wheel could be loose on the frame, hub could be loose. There are a lot of different things that could cause something like that.
As Jordan says - could be a dozen reasons.

Wheel needs re-tensioning.
Hub needs adjustment or overhaul.
Tyre flexing. (try a higher pressure.)
Frame flex - (unlikely).

Have a good pull and tug at every thing.
Does it happen when your pedaling or when free-wheeling or both?
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