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What to do with old wheels
I have a pair of wheels from a late eighties Trek bike that I no longer own. The rims are Alesa 9013 - 622/700C front and rear. The hubs are Maillard and the rear is equipped with a 7 speed freewheel of unknown make. Do they have any value to anyone?
Do you have a local bike coop? Community run bike shop? I try to donate parts as much as possible. Some shops will accept and some will not. I have recycled wheels before too. Reuse, renew, recycle...
I've attached are a couple of photos of the wheels in response to a PM. They are alloy rims with stainless spokes and both run true.
If in decent shape and true, I just may take off your hands. Where you at? Can you send? How are the braking surface's?
I think another member wants them - just waiting on payment for shipping. If he backs out - they're yours. I'll post as soon as I know for sure and it should be today! The braking surfaces are very good, I don't see any problems at all with the wheels. I wrecked the bike and bent the frame the second year I owned it. It was cheaper to buy a new bike than repair the old one. I've had the wheels hanging in the basement since about 1992 and I don't see myself using them again.
Just so you know, I drove through an ATM machine while the bike was in a car top rack and kind of smashed the bike. The wheels were safely stored inside the car. I actually forgot the bike was up there. I stopped using car top racks after that episode.
The taker on these wheels needs a few more days. I should know the first of the week if they'll be available.
OK Thanks. No hurry here. Yeah I drove into my car port once with two bikes on top. It was my worst nightmare that came true. Been there done that.

Talk soon
As a side note, the wheels look good. I have seen wheel sets selling on "bay" frequently. Also new wheels on Sheldon Browns site. Not very expensive and as I found out about what it costs to re-lace. I painted my rusty spokes with black oil enamel after removing surface rust, came out great.

One important thing to remember in wheels is that the frame wheel stays are not always the same. So its important to know the cone nut to cone nut OD dimension, or the stays width.
Never Give Up!!!
These wheels are available again. They turned out to be the wrong size to the member that was interested. PM me if you'd care to have them.

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