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DIY suspension help
Hello, I have an old racing bike, in the future i´m planing putting an electric motor, so I need a shock absorber system, haven´t found a suspension neither for front or rear wheels for this kind of bikes, so I thought of creating it myself, the main problem is that I don´t know where or what to do, never done this before, that´s why I need some help, guiding, ideas, etc. Anything can help.

I would like to keep the original forks if possible. Can I add a suspension to this forks ?

I´ll wait for your answers.

I don't think this is a good idea, but if its possible I think we need some pictures of the bike.
If this is a standard frame to start with then the basic answer is no!. Not without a lot of modification.
You could possibly swap the front forks for some 700c suspension forks and use a suspension seat-post and comfy saddle?
Maybe best to look out for a cheap full suspension MTB frame.
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No. Just no.

A standard MTB rear shock that isn't a POS elastomer (which won't work anyway as they won't take the abuse) is under pressure, anywhere from 70-200PSI depending on manufacturer and rider weight. Throw an electric motor into the equation and you'll probs need something beefier.

Front suspension requires you to have anodized tubes that fit perfectly into tight bushes in the lowers (what the wheel bolts on to). IF the bushes in the lowers are not perfectly aligned and fitted, they'll have play and this will gradually tear them apart.

Proper suspension forks (Not RSTs, they die really quickly and you'd be better off with a rigid) cost a lot of money new for a reason; a lot of effort goes into their design.

Poorly built and setup rear suspension is more dangerous than dodgy forks! Don't try and mod your frame to take a shock.

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