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Bolt on real wheels
Hello.. fixing an old MTB bike and I need to use a salvage wheel with a new freewheel.
I have two problems:
1st - are washers required between the Outside NUT - FRAME - LOCKNUT - CONE. The old wheel was a quick release.
2nd - the smallest cog is very close to the frame and jams when changing to that gear. Should I use some spacers Is it easy to get different size spacers? The old freewheel was also close to the frame. I does stuff up the range of the derailleur but I can try and tune that later.

There is usually a washer or thicker spacer between the cone and locknut. But it is not strictly 'necessary'. You would normally have a washer between the outside nut and the frame (though some axle nuts have a built in washer.) You would not put a washer between the frame and the locknut on the inside of the frame.
If you just need a little extra space for the freewheel you can add a washer or spacer between the cone and locknut on that side. You can get different width spacers or just use a couple washers. If you need to add more than an 1/8" or 1/4" it's going to start getting hard to get the wheel into the frame. You might then need to remove a spacer from the left side and then redish the wheel. But you can probably get away with adding a washer or two with no problem.


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