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Can a worn race be replaced in a wheel hub?
Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this site, and I have a question about wheel hubs.
I have a Univega Modo Volare, which was made with a front wheel comprised of a Mavic rim and a Campagnolo hub. I took my bike to the mechanic for a tune up including repacking ther hubs. Got it back and noticed vibration and grinding coming from the the front hub. Took it back and he said he did not touch the hubs as they are sealed. He said he would try and fix it. Gave it back to me even worse than before and said that the race which holds the bearings is worn, and the only solution is to get a new hub.

I would love to keep this bike original. Is there a way to replace the race and keep the original hub shell?

How do I determine if the hub is sealed or unsealed?
Thanks for your help!
you probably need a campag specialist to answer this, try searching campags site for dealers, they may also have an on-line service section.
Usually hubs can be overhauled.
Some hubs have "cartridge ball races which can be removed and replaced with complete new ones.
The normal type of bike hub though can have the cones and balls replaced. The cups, however, usually can't and it's these that determine if the whole hub needs replacing.
and the Campag have websites with various service & spares pages.
Also have a search on U-tube. There are quite a few Campag' instruction videos on there.
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