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Focus Bikes - Opinions?
Does anyone have any knowledge on this brand...particularly 29er's?

Focus are made in Germany and have good reports.
We have a company in the UK who has sold them for a few years now.
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Yes cycleruk, this is a hybrid model basically manufacture in uk but also available in us market.
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Looks like a nice line of Bikes Smile . The 29'er is becoming increasingly popular as choice ride bike. If you get one please do take a couple photos and share them with us here .. .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I haven't seen any Focus MTB in this area, but where I ride, there are quite a few Focus road bikes, mostly the higher end carbon ones. Here is their web site if you are interested in their complete line.

Focus Bikes
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Thanks everyone for all your considered input...I'm definitely getting a 29er, its just a case of which one!

I'm testing out the Focus Redskin 3 this weekend to see how it compares to my top choice (Specialized Rockhopper Expert). Similar spec just better brakes on the Rockhopper (so I'm told) although its about 10% more expensive.

So its tried and trusted brand versus new kid on the block I guess!
Thanks everyone but despite the favourable opinions on Focus I opted for the Rockhopper...picking her up soon.


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