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Commuter Bike - Buy vs. Build
Hi Everyone,

Recently moved to Toronto, Ontario and am a bit nervous about leaving my road bike locked on the street when I go to visit friends, the gym, etc. So I'm looking to get a commuter/hybrid bike for cruising around town on. I've also toyed with the idea of building my next bike so the questions I have are:

Is it better or cheaper to build a bike out of new or used parts (factoring in used parts wearing out faster) or buy one from my LBS? And if the answer is build, can anyone give me advice on what parts I should look for, what parts I should stay away from, etc?
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Check Wal-Mart. I saw a Huffy hybrid bike at one of the Wal-Marts here in Tampa for $89.00. Obviously, you're not going to get the same quality as one from a LBS but for that price, if they steal it, you aren't out much money.
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Get a new dept store bike or a used beater bike. For simple transpo, keep it simple...don't make it into some huge emotional project lest it become a ball and chain bike.
I agree with buying a used bike from a store or individual. Less markup, and you can consider yourself re-using or recycling! Smile

Also, if you are going to leave your bike out of view for long periods of time, you'll want a bike that is not the best on the rack when compared with others.

As for parts, buying used may be difficult. Getting the cheapest new parts from your LBS might be better. Also, as the weather warms up, look for bike swaps, flea markets, and garage sales for bike parts. You might even want to build an inventory of one extra part just in case.

Local bike organizations can probably help you find sources.
Building your own is almost always more expensive. You can get used bikes for parts, then sell the parts you do not use. Only works out if your labor is free.

Parts: LBS, Amazon, Niagara, Harris and many others.

Building bikes is a hobby. Like any other hobby, there is a real money outlay in addition to absorbing your time.
I agree buy from an individual and do a tune up on it. Lube, oil, and your time is cheaper!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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