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When to replace handlebar and stem
Are there any guidelines on when to replace aluminum bars due to material fatigue life? My road bike is 5-6 years old, as is my mountain bike
Bars do break but I have never come across any replacement recommendation.
I have bars that must be 20 years old which I will happily carry on using.
I do know someone who has had 2 newish drop bars break in the last couple of years but he is a big strong guy.
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I know some people here in Hawaii have bikes with half the handlebars gone and the other half still there. Its mostly because the water/humidity gets down in between the shifter and the grip and then the bar rusts at that point then breaks off when enough force is used on it.

I personally have never had my bars break on me, and haven't had any friends with broken bars either from just normal wear and tear.
As above, only replace if they're bent/broken.

Bent bars are weaker due to stress, but in my experience you have to properly smash them into something to make them bend. I've bent a set or two, but that's normally through high speed impacts with trees, etc.
(04-01-2011, 07:52 PM)JonB Wrote:  ... but in my experience you have to properly smash them into something to make them bend.

Jon. Twice now I have caught you smashing things today. When you wear out that hammer, you may borrow mine.

Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)

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