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I stripped my flats trying to remove my pedal
I have completely rounded out the flat surface that receives the wrench to remove and install my pedals and i was turning the proper way. I've tried everything and to no avail. I took my trusty steed to my local bike shop and they told me i should order a new left crank arm but i can't bear to spend the coin. I just purchased some crank bros 50/50 platform pedals which is why i was removing my stock ones. Do you think i could come in from the back side of my left pedal and try to remove it with an easy out? HELP!!!!!

Left hand pedal = left hand thread so you would need a left-handed easy out.
The metal is generally hard so you may have trouble drilling it first.
You could dismantle the pedal and use "molegrips", stilson, pipewrench, on the shaft or on the rounded out bit.
Stilson =
I,m surprised you've rounded out the flats as these are the same metal as the shaft and that's pretty hard.

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I agree with cyclerUK - dismantle the pedal to get something you can get a grip on. The only thing I'd add is it may help to drill out the back of the pedal where it sits inside the crank arm. Not to get an easy out in to it. But I've found when you remove some of the material from the stuck part, it decreases the grip it has on the crank arm. Note however, you must be cautious not to damage the threads on the crank or you'll be buying a new arm regardless. Just drill as much as you can safely. Good luck!


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