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Shifting problem
I have a 1993 vintage bike with rapid fire shifters. The shifters have a thumb lever and a index finger lever. The problem is with the rear shifting, I can use the index finger lever to shift to the smallest gear, but when using the thumb lever to shift to the larger gears it only works from the smallest gear and goes up 2 or 3 and stops. I cannot get it to go to the larger gears. It only works from the smallest gear position.

Where should I start?
Have you looked at the video for repairing rapid fire shifters?

Good place to start.
Thanks, I'll try and take a look at the video. My connection isn't the greatest, so watching video can be tough.
The link that launches the video also shows the text of the video, so at least you can read through it if you can't actually view it. Good luck.

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