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Front wheel bends when braking
Hello everyone!

I am hoping there is someone here that could help me with some information. I did a couple google searches and though I found articles from people with the same problem no one stated what the actual cause is.

A couple weeks ago I bought a 2010 Brodie Cohort. Everything is stock except I had them change the original 26" wheels for 700's. I do a lot of city riding and on weekends will go to a lake or river about 50km away and thought they would give a faster ride.

They do and I like 'em but I'm having a problem with braking. The front wheel will bend to the rotor side when braking up to about 1/2" depending on how hard I stop. Today it's raining and because the brakes had a bit of lubrication the effect would be longer and I could watch how much it would pull. Even without braking the front wheel seems to be off center when moving but perfectly center when stopped. Does any know the cause of this? could the brake mechanism (I know nothing about disk brakes) not match the disk or the wheel?

The stock brakes are TekTro and the replacement wheels are "Shining Etrto 622x19 A-M3".

I thought I would ask here before I took it to the shop for a tune up as I would like to be informed. The shop I bought it from told me they had set everything up and tested it out however there was almost zero grab on the brakes when I got it on the road and the chain is not quite aligned with the sprockets when you click it in a gear so I don't think they put much effort in getting it road worthy.

I appreciate any comments.

Hello jay,
Welcome to the forums! First off did they give you the stock wheel/tires/rotors? Next question before I go any farther is this the bike you have....
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thank you for the reply Bill! I didn't get the original wheels, they just switched them for no charge. And yes, that is the bike I bought.

Ok since it is new and has quite the price tag I am gonna say that 700c wheels are not normally put on a MTB (Mountain Bike)!!! There is alot of geometry and math that goes into a bike and I don't think I would ever put road wheels on a MTB. They do make tires that are for both on road and off road. Honestly I think by doing this it some how changed the way the bike rides.
Take it back and either have them put the original state with MTB on/off road tires or get your money back. Or just wait for one of the other guys here to reply. I may be missing something. LAte here. lol.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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