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Huffy coaster brake wheel
my son has 20" huffy Rockit that was always loosing its chain but couldn't figure why and then
oh yeah the front to rear sprocket alignment. so I removed the wheel and loosened the jam nuts and backed the axle out to move the sprocket in approx. 1CM but re-installed the wheel doesn't seem to spin and the bearing cover on the brake side isn't sitting flush with the wheel center / is there a site that will show me same or similar wheel schematic .thanks

avatar update soon... of my 90 gt outpost that did tour de Isle Montreal in 91 yes non stop

I think your general problem is that you can't adjust the position of the sprocket by just tightening or loosening any of the nuts on the axle. The tightness of those is set by how you adjust the bearings. To move the sprocket horizontally you have to add spacers to one side and remove them from the other.

If the wheel fits loosely into the frame now, you may just be able to add some washers to the appropriate side. Note that you also will now have made the rim off center. That can be corrected by "re-dishing" the wheel.
Dr Dorito - very cool nic!

Dave gave a great link to THE guru of all-things-bicycle and some good thoughts, too.

Often though, on those 20" CB wheels, the cog is 'dished' and you adjust chain-line by removing a spring-clip and flipping it over.
If I am thinking of what Dave is thinking of, some will also have the spacers to fine-tune. Those type are pretty expensive, though, and probably not on a Huffy.

Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
yeah.... see thanks. spring clip, thanks will check it out and let you know if i pulled it off
+1 on Robar's idea. Much more likely that the bike got assembled with the cog backwards than with the axle assembled wrong.

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