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How do YOU apply Boesheild T9 chain lube?
I'm kind of curious how everyone applies their Boeshield chain lube. I've read suggestions on cleaning the chain squeaky clean before application... is that necessary? If so, what method have you found effective to clean the chain? What products have you used to clean the chain?

I use the Park tool chain cleaner, and I usually just apply a small amount of lube in the process of gearing up before a ride at the trail head.

Sorry, just noticed this question...

Boeshield should be applied on a completely clean chain. I use a container with solvent and a brush to clean my chains, or you could use the chain cleaner tool as Jordan suggested.

Then apply one drop of Boeshield to each link. Too much of it is not good, as it can't dry properly. Wipe off any excess, then run the chain through all the gears and let it sit. Don't ride it for at least 2 hours.

I use petroleum spirit to clean the chain: it is the best degreaser I know and cheap. You must, of course, then dispose of the residue in an environmentally friendly way. I pour some petrol (just enough to cover the chain), into a 2l coke bottle and dump the chain in that. You can shake it around to clear residue from the chain. Replace the bath 'til it becomes reasonably clean. Then use a knife to cut the coke bottle: it's impossible to get the chain out without! Let dry...

Don't smoke too close!

Ensure you dispose of any residue in an environmentally friendly way: it makes me wonder what happens when people pour 'green' degreasers down the sink with the residue they've removed from the chain...

Just to add your council or state/city authorities will have a place where you can dump this: save it up in 2l coke bottles and take it down there... My work have this facility so I take it there
In fact you can use a bent spoke to fish it out of the bottle. Use a bottle with a wider opening (juice bottle) to make it easier.

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