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Chain slippage
Now I'm sure some people are wondering why I powered a chain slip issue in the wheel section, or maybe your not. I don't really know what's normal as far as bike issues go yet. But at any rate, I had to remove my rear wheel today in order to be able to replace a tube that had a torn valve stem. During my subsequent bike ride, the chain kept slipping to smaller gears which obviously made for a frustrating and unproductive ride(on top of the fact it started to pour 7 miles away from my house lol) but I digress. What I want to know is if I could have messed something up while I was removing or replacing the wheel. If so what might any possible issues be and respective repairs/fixes?
Wow, sounds like a horrible ride!

First off, make sure you didn't bend the rear derailleur hanger when you were removing or putting the wheel on. It's that piece of metal that the rear derailleur hangs to and is attached to your frame. It's soft, so be careful. If it's really bent, you may need another (about $25, but probably has to be ordered due to various styles).

If the hanger is OK, ensure the wheel is on straight. The locking nut and lever might not be on straight. This should be easy to see if you flip the bike upside down and look at it.

Yeah, the rain wasn't bad. Them again 6yrs in the infantry and cold and rain doesn't bother u as much. Ha. But yeah, i'll probably have to take it to the shop seeing as I don't have the tools to do it myself. But hopefully the shop would have the part since it's where I bought the bike and they specialize in specialized. God that sounds stupid. But thank for the advice.bill have to do what I can and then try it out tomorrow.

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