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Pro-Flex neoprene shocks
A friend of mine has a Pro-Flex with Neoprene shocks that need to be replaced as they have melted. Anyone know of a good replacement for these?
Oh man, Duroon! That's going to be tough. K2 (ProFlex) depleted their stock years ago as everyone was replacing them with coils from Mountain Speed (called Speed Springs, IIRC). I'm not sure Mtn Speed is even still around.
If you can fill in some blanks, I'll do some research...
1) which model Pro-Flex? Never-mind the year if it is like an 856 (1996)or other number. If it has a name (Animal), you will need to do the research on Year before I can. I work 2 jobs.
2) were they two pieces of yellow MCU about 2 inches tall with a spacer between them?

Forget it... can u just get a good pic of the bike?

Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
I found one company that is still making replacements for this, Risse Racing. It is the 2 yellow pieces that they called Elastovar or some such, basically a couple of chunks of rubber for a shock. The Risse racing replacements are modern tunable shocks that mount in place of the old stuff but they want $200 a piece for them. Now my friend needs to decide if he wants to put $400 into the bike or just buy something else.
Before I replaced MCUs or Elastovar or any other 'space-age material, I would seriously hunt some coils.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
The Risse Racing replacement looks like this:
[Image: genesis.jpg]

They show an MSRP of $198 and they are supposed to bolt right in.

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