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My wifes bike has gripshift could i replace them with the old style thumb shifts?
yes you can, assuming you have 7speed . do you already have a pair?
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(05-02-2011, 02:04 AM)painkiller Wrote:  yes you can, assuming you have 7speed . do you already have a pair?
Hi, thanks for the reply.
I dont have a pair yet i have seen them on ebay all i was thinking was replacing them with the same numbers on the shifts, like for like.
My wifes shifters have 3-left 6-right so i was going to buy the same?

let me know if i cannot then i will just replace the gripshift, if i can find one cheap enough, as its the right one whats broken.
I have a used but good 6 spd set. Make an offer?
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