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Trouble with new front Shifter

I installed a new front and rear shifter today on my old Diamondback Sorrento today.

The rear shifter is working great. The front shifter when on gear 1 is on the smallest front gear. When I shift to "2" it jumps to the largest front gear and the cable is too tight to even shift into "3". When I shift from 2 down to 1, it jumps to the smallest gear.

What have I done wrong? I have watched the videos and gone through them a couple of times with the same problem. This worked fine with the old shifters...

Any help would be appreciated.
Check you Hi-Lo adjustement first (2 little screws on top or side of front derailleur)

Is your Shifter Shimano, SRAM, or others??

Thanks for the quick reply. The new shifters are Shimano and replaced some original Shimano shifters (nearly 20 years old).

I went through the video AGAIN... Started from scratch and finally have success. I can get to all gears.

It still seems VERY tight when shifting to the largest front gear, but is working. Success for now. First time I've ever attempted this so I am happy for now.

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