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Bent hanger... or bent derailleur?
Hmmm that looks nice. Bit more comprehensive than my old cardboard box full of outdoor things!
Anyway, an update! I've replaced the rear derailleur with a Shimano Tourney for next to nothing. I cycled around North London yesterday as I'm prone to doing and successfully got lost (I secretly enjoy that I think Wink) whilst all the time knowing what gear I was in and actually being able to select a gear and have it change and stay!
Once I had the old derailleur off I compared it to the new one and it was indeed incredibly soggy in comparison. Fitting the new one was a doddle. I straightened the derailleur hanger whilst I was at it so all runs in the correct direction.
So there we are. Just waiting on some new pedals now as the old resin ones are showing their age.
I'll you know if it all goes awry once bedded in. Wink

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