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After Applying brakes the cable moves out of the tension adjuster
I changed my brake cables for my bike and now that i have inserted it, and i have made sure that the brake cable is tight as possible without touching the rims. So when i apply the brakes using the levers the cable and its housing gets out of the tension adjuster located on the brake lever, this making the lever not come into position and creating slack in the cable that was not present before.

Any help would be appreciated!
check your housing and look close for wear around the end caps, and make sure that your adjuster knob and lockring cable slots are offset. Sounds like cable is snagging the housing.
If the housing is older,replace that also and make sure your inner cable is not frayed.
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you do not say what type of brakes you have?
But, on all types the tension in the cable which causes the lever to return is provided by the caliper/arm return spring, so, if the lever is not returning, either the spring is faulty, not installed correctly, not adjusted correctly, or there is a snag in the cable.
Unhook the cable from the caliper/arms and try these for spring tension, they should both open freely and equally, if not, review your set up for problems.

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