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Crank crankset question
Hi all, question about a Shimano LX-C crank set.

The screws that connect the Crank Arms to the Bottom Bracket is there somewhere that you can purchase them after the fact?



It depends on which one it is.

If it's an ISIS or Square taper (so one big 8mm allen key head on each arm), then these are fairly easy to get hold of as ones from other manufacturers are compatible 99% of the time. Your Local bike shop should have some in stock, or an online retailer should have some (I have no idea where you are, and I can only recommend UK sites)

If it's the newer Hollowtech II with an external bottom bracket, then you're best off asking your LBS. You can tell if it's one of these if there are two screws on the side of the non-driveside crank arm. Shimano are a pain to get spares from though, they "don't make spares." However any allen-key headed M4 (I think it's M4) bolt that's about the right length *should* work.
I beleive that you have a square taper crank;

so something like one of these:
or even short M8 bolts from Home Depot.

Or if your BB axle has male threads on it:
Thanks for the responses! did the trick!

Thanks again


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