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Skewer sizing
Hi bicycle tutor board members!

I have a question for you all and the question is: how are the bicycle skewers measured?
I have some an old quick release set that broke, where the small nut holding the metal cap where the handle is came out.

In any case, I was planning on replacing the skewer but saw that there are so many sizes. I need about 110mm in the front and 145mm in the back but some of the skewers are like 130mm or 165mm. They're also on ebay so i dont know how reliable the sellers are at measuring their skewers.

So I was planning on going to the bicycle shop to see if they have any but even then, how would I know how big the skewers would have to be?
Where do I measure?

Thank you so much.

A bit of quick research on Amazon suggest that different manufacturers measure skewers differently, leading to a lot of confusion.

For example:
the above Avenir, Salsa and Shimano are using the hub's OLD.

Where as this WheelMaster appears to use the overall length of the skewer
This is good information and yes I agree where it gets confusing. I asked a similar question here . Honestly to keep it simplistic I wish all of them would go with overall length.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
exactly what im saying
thanks guys (:

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