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Problem removing shifter cable
I have watched Alex's video on how to remove-renew shifter cables.

In fact i have performed this task many times on my bike, Trek 4500 without problem.

In the video from Alex the brake level and shifter is separate (same as my Trek 4500), the cable will just slide out of shifter.

However i am repairing a Trek 4300, as this is a cheaper model the brake and shifter are combined in one unit.

There is no screw on the side of shifter housing for cable to slide out. I have unscrewed the cover of shifter, I can not see how it is possible for cable to slide out. I am sure there is some easy technique, but i just can not see how it possible to slide the shifter cable out from this model!!!

Suggestions/help please.
Check out Shimano tech' document:-
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(05-31-2011, 06:46 PM)cyclerUK Wrote:  Check out Shimano tech' document:-

Thanks for your help. I was thinking there must be some easy technique, but it is just a case of getting a very small "pokey" bit of metal and picking it out.

Got there in the end.


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