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Cannondale Bad Boy headset bearings

Cannondale Bad Boy.

The bearings on the steering (1 1/8) have worn through. I am not sure what to replace them with. I have emailed Cannondale but so far no reply! The present bearing is open with a 45 deg angle, I would like to replace with a cartridge bearing. Can I use a cartridge FSA/Ritchley/Cane Creek etc.....?

Advice please.

What year is your Bad Boy??
Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply.

It is an early 2010 model.

As long as you got the same measurement as the old one, it should fit... Cannot find the info on Cannondale website though, is that an integrated headset (nothing getting over the head tube), or a regular one??
Spent sometime myself trying to find the technical info on the Cannondale website and other sites but to no avail!?

Also Cannondale has still not got back, poor show.

Spoke to a LBS today and recommends a standard 1 /18" cartridge bearing will do the trick. So will try an FSA or Ritchley.



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