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Rear shifts ok up to 7th but skips one on the way down
Shift the rear derailleur to the tightest cable tension and loosen your L screw until 1st on the rear cassette engages. I’d try this first on the middle chainring then check it’s OK on the smaller chainring – I forget what Alex suggests in the vid. Then maybe back it off a little more (say, a quarter turn, just to make sure), remember the L screw is there to make sure you don’t shift off the largest rear cassette cog on to the rear axle.
Take if for a test drive, under load (always slightly different than simply spinning the wheels with the bike upside down or on a stand) and check everything’s cool…
Glad you’ve sorted it, enjoy your cycling…

Hi Dan,
Did you manage to get it sorted...?

Hello, Marc!
Yes, it's all better. Now I only get a slight squeak when I'm in the smallest cog and I push really hard on the pedal. I've read that it's normal and I'm not supposed to do it anyway.
I also need a larger crankset.

In my experience I’ve always found the chain kind of ‘clunks’ into the smallest rear sprocket. The change seems somewhat different to all the others but does work OK (this is on a nine speed cassette, recently replaced with a new chain – but it’s always happened). I am considering taking a link out of the new chain because I think it is very loose in this combination (middle front, smallest rear), but I’ll probably do the chain measurement thingy this (bank holiday – yippee) weekend before deciding.
Like I say it has always happened, with different group sets so I think it’s natural but we’ll see…
When you say ‘”You’re not supposed to do it”, do you mean little front and little rear…?

Funnily enough, my sister's SRAM equipped bike does no clunking in either gear.
<<When you say ‘”You’re not supposed to do it”, do you mean little front and little rear…?>>
No. I mean when starting from a stand-still on little rear and medium or large front. if you push hard down on the pedal, it creaks a little. Only when you push hard. When riding normally, it'll run along just fine.

Hmm, sounds curious: could it be the peddle bearings being exposed to such force? If everything else works fine it is unlikely to be the bottom bracket…
I wonder if other people have the same problem (as I was describing above)…? Presently I have a new SRAM PG970 cassette with a new SRAM PC971 chain and a new Shimano (STX-RC is the crankset - don't know about the chainset but it is original), front middle ring – yet the final ‘clunk’ into top 9th gear (on chainset middle ring) still occurs. It’s nothing bad and on my 10year old 1999 Kona Caldera (steel is best!) I do think that it has always happened (owned from new)…
Anyways, I ought start a new thread about this...
Glad to hear you’ve got it all sorted – enjoy…


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