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Giant Cypress Thriller Road Killer
Hi All,
well heres the free 2001 Giant Cypress I acquired, people moving and headed for scrap yard or trash dumpster..
only thing was I noticed big sprocket bent some..well am old body man took care of that, spent some time ,not perfect but very serviceable
no effect on shifting hardly notice damaged area
Put on new tires eBay for 23.00 shipped .purchased for another bike were too big, was disappointed..glad I kept them fit perfect on Giant..
5 tubes shipped 20.00 on eBay ..
Giant bag on front 5.00 shipped from eBay
Topeak rack..26.50 ebay..was perfect damaged in shipping..negotiate for 13.00 and kept it...careful pulling bending , little time all set..
as I travel to NY area need security for bike..those big bar locks are heavy for backpack and used plastic lock holder for Schwinn Traveler ..
so rack frame was little bent already ....couple rivets and some drilling have nice place out of the way for this lock ..and strengthened rack in the process..had to be careful drilling rivet holes off course but they hold well/strong
took tube caps off Schwinn Varsity,, like these metal and adjustable wrench to tighten..nice touch I thought
Components not top quality for sure but many hills and great combinations of gearing make short work of hills here in CT
Rims are 28c this rolls a country mile on the flats
Very Comfy ride average 2-4 miles a day commute..
pedals..well have bad knees..original pedals smooth type and I wear found Trek 800 Antelope missing parts and took pedals off put them on Giant..better grip and wide for extra wide foot of mine..
Bell Ringer to announce pedestrians I am coming ..on the sidewalk and best warning device for folks to hear..usually I ride in the street
paint chips here and there but ain't complaining ..
bike is light as I put on buses trains platforms escalators and very substantial frame, handles it all without a hitch
Bigger tires take more effort than my Schwinn Traveler but terrain is such that this bike serves me well here..
I Thank the gentleman whom let me have this lucky again ..
Hope you like it comments welcome and Thanks to all for advice and fun here !
Sweet ride
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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