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Which tire size?
I have a Raleigh M50 mountain bike. The stock tires are mountain tread but not too aggressive. I am considering getting some smoother street tires for road use. The tires that are on there are 26x2.10. I was told from someone at a local shop that I could use thinner tires for the street but I am confused as to which tire would work. Do I need to use only 26x2.10's or will something thinner work. I don't really understand how something thinner would fit because I am keeping the same rims and would assume that I would need the same size rubber for the rim. Is there a range of sizes that would work properly with this rim size? Thanks
You can go with 1,25 to 1,5 skinny tires,

for example:

Don't forget to buy some new tubes, cause your old set won't fit in since it's too large! Buy a third one also in case you do a flat and you rip it off!
Tons of choices!!

I went with: which are available at Wal-mart. They are a good compromise between comfort, speed, pavement and off.

Almost anything that is ISO 559 will fit okay.

These will work:
but street only, and will be really fast.
Yea there are lots of choices! Here are the ones I used for my wife's Bike and does well on street!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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