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Shifting and barrel adjustment.
For quite sometime I had gear shifting problem, few days ago I tried to fix the problem on my own. I tried to fix problem by adjusting limit screws and barrel adjuster. While adjusting the barrel adjuster I rotated it all the way, now it is not going back in (may be I tried too much). I even loosen up the gear wire but result was the same. (After 1-3 clockwise rotation it is stuck). While the cable end was out, I notice tiny metal pieces, kind of stuff that develops after rubbing two metals.

• Will changing cable end (not sure what it is called) help? Or, its gear part that is damaged?
• If I tighten up the gear wire using the nut (on the derailleur), will I still be able to fix the shifting problem?

I have a Trek 3700 with Shimano Acera rear derailleur.
Hey hey a buddy with the same bike as me! I've long since replaced my derailleur to a SRAM since I bought it but I still remember that old one. I always found it easiest to thread the barrel adjuster in when the cable was out of it, then you just pull the cover back and screw it on. Always worked for me. I never was able to get the derailleur to do exactly what I wanted it to do, but it might be possible. Good luck!
pictures ?
That's what the derailleur is. The adjuster is right where the housing enters into the derailleur. Its an annoying little thing if I remember right.
(06-23-2011, 01:03 AM)nfmisso Wrote:  pictures ?

First of all, sorry for bad pic quality. The barrel adjuster is stuck, I cant at all rotate it clock wise any further then that. Only way for me to tighten up the gear wire is tiny nut on the gear.

Is it still possible to fix the gear shifting problem without depending upon the barrel adjuster?

@nameused. Good old trek Smile. In my case the barrel adjuster is stuck, I cant rotate or screw it back in. After only few rotations, it gets stuck Sad. I doubt that I can use barrel adjuster to tighten or loosen up the wire. Sad
first off your limit screw is not set. it looks like it is past first gear. cable is cut to short leave about 2 in. then cap it. replace it with as new one set your limit screws correctly.idler pulley when looking from the rear should be directly below low gear (the big cog) next set the high gear (small cog) set the idler pulley off center towards the outside of the small cog. figure out what is wrong with barrel adjuster and screw it in, then string new cable.put shifter in high gear and be careful not to push derailleur when clamping cable.

now make your first shift it may not move to next cog. turn barrel adjuster one notch at a time til it shifts then turn barrel adjuster til it makes noise trying to shift again then back it off 1 notch til sound stops. now run up and down through the gears back and forth see how that works. the key is the high limit screw setting, find the sweet spot.

I would also note by the pic make sure your derailleur has not been knocked out of alignment.
you really do need to get the barrel adjuster to work
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