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Replacing brake cable
HI - My rear brake cable needs replacing after 8 years, so it's done well. I think the housing is fine but the actual cable has stretched.
Is there likely to be a video of this soon (question to Alex) at all or is it straight-forward job?

If the inner has only stretched, but still works perfectly, then just loosen from the brake calipers, adjust and re-tighten.
It's usually a straight forward job to change the inner but does depend a little on the type of brake lever.
What type are yours?

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The calipers are dual pivot (it's an older alu Giant) and the levers are STI if that's what you mean.

To replace a new inner.
Loosen the inner from the calipers.
Now pull back the brake lever. (move the lever as if you are changing gear and this will allow it to open further) hold in this position.
Push the inner and you should see it appear inside the open end of the lever.
NOTE where it is coming from because you have to get the new one down the same hole. That is the trcky bit !
Now pull out the inner completley and replace with a new one. Just gentley push the new one down until it appears at the other end.
Make sure that you have the same size and shape of "bullet" on the cable end or it won't sit in the lever properly and will effect the movement.
Also see:-

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Thanks very much, I shall give it a go and let you know.


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