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Johnny Hoogerland's Tour De France! [Image: Crazy-1.gif]

[Image: JohnnyHoogerlandTourDeFrancegif.gif]

[Image: JohnnyHoogerlandironman.jpg]
Your video cuts short the guy going into the barbed wire fence though.

This year's Tour de France was a disaster in the first several stages due to crashes. There's this crash above by the lame French TV car, Vino flying off the road and ending is career (along with Zabriske and a handful of others who also got hurt), Janie's fall, Horner's fall, Jens Voight two falls on the downhill, the Euskatel rider who went off the road in a turn, hit something and went over the handlebars, hurting his nose, etc etc.

I'm pretty sure Hoogerland finished the overall race, even wearing bandages and stitches to cover his wounds in later days.

It was a brutal race this year. Hopefully in future the organizers won't let so many cars on the road and put some some temporary fences especially on wet downhills.

But even so, cycling can be dangerous, as we saw in the Giro d'Italia with Wouter Weylandt's accident that took his life.

Get your Tetanus shots, boys and girls!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
more crashes.
unbelievable! what on earth was that car doing swerving right in front of them? Think they own the road?!!!
cycling since 4 years old and never looked back!

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