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Promax Hornet Hydro Disks
I'm looking at buying a second bike, the 2011 Trek Montare. I like everything about the bike, except the brakes; it comes with Promax Hornet hydro disks. I've spent hours looking for info on these, but can't find anything. Is there anyone out there who can tell me anything about these brakes? And if they are not that great, is it possible to replace them with another make?
Bicycle buyers and gear heads will probably see more disk brakes in the future. The UCI just last year I think permitted their use (unknown start date) in cyclo-cross events.

The Volagi Liscio, a new endurance bike, also has disk brakes. I have my eye on one of those.

Asking a Trek dealer about brake maintenance and if they can be replaced would probably be your best bet for information.


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